Version 3 (and earlier versions): Print Logbook with Headings on each page

Include headings when printing
Written by Max
Updated 1 year ago

File -> Page Setup -> Sheet

Under "Print Titles" and in the "Rows to repeat at top" box, select all of the Headings you want to be repeated on each page. 

Usually this would include rows 1 to 3. In which case, you should enter "$1:$3".

If you have previously selected "Freeze Panes", then you will need to "Unfreeze Panes" before you can select which Headings you want on each page.

Version 4.0 (and newer) includes a new Print tab with built-in Headings and Page totals which allows you to Print 2 double-sided pages at a time. See here for more details.

Unfortunately for older versions (prior to Version 4), it isn't possible to include Hour Totals at the bottom of each page, unless you manually add these summaries into your Logbook Entries page.

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