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Print Pilot Logbook

Print 2 double-sided pages at a time
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The "Print" tab is a new feature added into Versions 4.0 (released circa July 2021) and newer and it allows you to print 2 double-sided pages at a time.

For users with older versions, please see How Updates work.

Why can't I print my whole Logbook at once? Unfortunately, if this was the case, the Excel Pilot Logbook file size would be astronomical, as it would require unique formulas for over 200+ pages. Once you've initially printed your logbook, moving forward, printing the latest 2 pages at a time is more convenient.

On the "Print tab", there are 3 sheets.

When START PAGE is set to Page 1, there will be no information displayed on "Page 0b".

To explain further; on the first bit of A4 paper that you print, you will have "Pages 0b" on the front and "Page 1a" on the back. Then on the second bit of printed A4 paper you have "Page 1b" on the front and "Page 2a" on the back. Just like your original paper logbook.

Microsoft Excel

In Excel, the required Print settings should be setup, by default.
  1. Enter which page number you would like to populate in the red box "START PAGE"
  2. File -> "Print..."
If you are having difficulties determining the Print Area. Select: Menu -> "View" -> "Page Break Preview".

This will allow you to see which areas of the sheet will be printed. The Horizontal and Vertical Blue lines indicate the content which will be printed on each Page. You can click and drag the Blue lines to the correct Page break (in between the pages) if they are out of alignment.

Google Sheets

  1. Highlight Rows 1-2, right click and select "Hide" (hide the "Start Page" settings, so that they don't print)
  2. File -> "Print"

Google Sheets: Print Settings

  • Paper Size: Letter (or as required)
  • Scale: Fit to Page Breaks
  • Margins: Normal (or as required)
  • Select "Custom Page Breaks" then "Edit
  • The dotted blue lines indicated the Custom Page Breaks. Move the Horizontal Page Break to below "Page 0b of #" (the bottom of the first page). Move the Vertical Page Break to the far right (where the logbook ends). Repeat this step for all 4 Pages. Note: There should be no Vertical or Horizontal lines within each Page.

Common Errors

More than 4 pages to be Printed?

Are there dozens or even hundreds of Pages to be printed instead of the default, 4?

  • Delete any additional Columns to the right of the Logbook pages.
  • Delete any additional Rows below the Logbook pages (there may be blank rows up to row #1000 in Google Sheets)

No data showing up at all

  • "Start Page" must be set to a numerical number only. E.g. "1" not "1a".
Customisations: unfortunately any customisations to the Logbook or Dashboard page will not pull-through to the Print Page and will create mis-alignments with formulas. Please do not make any customisations for the Print page to work as expected.
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