Excel, Numbers, Google Sheets, OpenOffice or LibreOffice
Written by Max
Updated 11 months ago

Our Excel Pilot Logbook must be used in conjunction with one of the following programs:

  • Microsoft Excel for Windows or Mac, 2013 or newer
  • Numbers for Mac
  • LibreOffice (free)
  • OpenOffice (free)
  • Google Sheets (free) – viewable in your web browser and on mobile devices with the Google Sheets App for iPhone and Android (for clarification: you do not require Excel or Numbers to use Google Sheets).

The logbooks are designed to be used with Microsoft Excel, however, they are also compatible with these other programs listed here.

Formulas not compatible

  1. Numbers: the summaries at the bottom of the Logbook page (which are superfluous, as the data is duplicated in the Dashboard anyway) and the "Days since last Flight" - instead it will show the Date of your last flight.
  2. Google Sheets: FAA 8710 form will show blank numbers.
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