Add new Custom Columns

Insert more columns to track your other hour types
Written by Max
Updated 1 year ago

Tip: Before Adding new Columns, Change the Heading Names of existing columns.

  1. Navigate to the Dashboard and hover your mouse over the ‘Red Arrow’ under the ‘Z’ column.
  2. “Right Click” on the “Z” column and click “Insert” – this will insert a new column to the left.
  3. A new column should now be visible. Highlight the column to the left of the new one created.
  4. At the bottom of the highlighted cells, there will be a ‘small blue box’. Click and drag the ‘small blue box’ across to the new column – this will copy the formulas into the new column.
  5. Navigate to the Logbook Entries page. Right Click on the “AA” at the top. Click “Insert” – this will insert a new column to the left.
  6. The new column will now be visible. Click the empty ‘Column Name’ and enter the New Custom Column name.
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