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Unrelated, how is your website so fast?

We use trusted web professionals
Written by Max
Updated 1 month ago

Our website scores a 100/100 for CoreWeb Vitals on Google's PageSpeed Insights - on both desktop and mobile.

Along with our strong dislike of subscription software, we also hate slow computers! Hence why we have put a great amount of effort into making our website experience fast and easy.

We're so happy with the results of our work that we'd love to share how we did it, just in case any of our customers also build websites or run a website of their own.

So, how is our website so fast?

We have implemented every single one of the suggestions that Perfmatters.io recommended. These guys are great and knowledgable professionals that have some real actionable suggestions that novice website users can understand.

Check out their website to read more about them.

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