Advanced Filtering

Filter your Flights by Aircraft, Category, Date, Registration & other custom criteria
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Activate the Filter function

Menu -> Data -> Filter

Drop-down arrows will now appear in the Logbook Headings.

Activate Total Row

By default, this should already be enabled. However, if there is no Total row at the bottom of the Logbook Entries page, you can manually enable it:

  1. Click anywhere within the Logbook Entries Table (in order to unhide the "Table" menu at the top)
  2. Menu -> Table -> "Total Row"

Filter by Aircraft Registration

  1. Select the Drop-down arrow under the "Registration" heading.
  2. Select the available tick boxes or enter custom text. E.g. "DMG".

Filter by Category

  1. Select the Drop-down arrow under the specific heading you want to filter. By default, it will select all available options.
  2. De-select "(Blanks)". This will remove any Flights which do NOT have an entry for that specific hour-category.

Filter with Multiple Criteria

Select the relevant drop-down menu's, as above, repeating the steps for any additional columns.

Each time you define new criteria with different columns (and do not select "Clear Filter"), it will compound the criteria and work together to filter your flights.

Remove Filter

  1. "Clear Filter" or
  2. Menu -> Data -> Filter

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