Add new Aircraft Types

In the Dashboard
Written by Max
Updated 4 years ago

If you've run out of space for Aircraft on your Dashboard, you can easily add more.

  1. ‘Right click’ on the side of the spreadsheet where it says “11” (or which ever row number the last aircraft row is on).   
  2. Click “Insert” to add a new row.Repeat as necessary to keep adding more rows as you need them.

If, for whatever reason, the formulas do not transfer to your new row, you can fix it.

  1. Select all of the cells (which contain 'good, working formulas') above or below your new row
  2. Click and drag the little Blue Box (in the bottom right hand corner of the cells which you have just selected)
  3. Drag it up or down to your new row.

This process should copy the 'good' working formulas into the blank areas.

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