Automatic Night Flight time calculation

Feature currently in BETA testing
Written by Max
Updated 11 months ago

Unfortunately, our Excel Pilot Logbook spreadsheet does not automatically calculate the Night PORTION of your flights (based on your Off Blocks / On Blocks times) - as some other apps can do.

To elaborate, it will not calculate the Night PORTION of a flight between, for example, 16:00 and 20:00 when sunset is at 18:00. Excel Pilot Logbook WILL calculate the Total Time to be 4 hours but it will not calculate the Night portion to be 2 hours.

Why not?

Of course, it is possible to formulate an algorithm to do this, based off your on/ff blocks times to/from different airport locations around the world. We've done it. However, it is very resource-heavy and results in a much larger file size (because the file has to store every single airport latitude/longitude data). Neither of these downfalls are good for performance & usability. Sorry.

You'll need to enter the amount of Night time you want to log (per flight) manually - as you would do with any other type of hours (Cross Country, Multi-Engine etc).

Once you have entered your Night flying manually in the Logbook, the Dashboard will indeed calculate the TOTAL Night flight time from all of your flights - as the Dashboard does with every other category/type of flying.

Night Flight Time Spreadsheet currently in BETA testing. We hope to have a working add-on soon.

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