Totals not adding up

Check "Logbook Hours Since" date and enter Aircraft Types manually
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Dashboard blank, no data, no totals in the Dashboard, totals don't add up or have empty cells?

99.9% of the time, the issue is with the data and format of the data which you have entered. The Dashboard will not calculate your hours if you have not entered the correct information in the correct format.

You'll need to double check the information entered into the Logbook Entries page. A "quick glance" will not suffice - you must meticulously check each individual entry for accuracy. Please read this article thoroughly.

The Aircraft Types in your Logbook Entries must EXACTLY match the Aircraft Type entered in on the Dashboard (with no spaces).

  1. Check that you have entered all of your Aircraft Types into the Dashboard. You must enter these in manually for the Dashboard to calculate. 
  2. Check the Aircraft Types in your Logbook Entries match the Aircraft Type in the Dashboard. E.g. C152 in your Logbook Entries will not be calculated towards hours for C-152 (with the hyphen in between, or even a space at the start or end) on your Dashboard. Something as simple as having a space after C152 will not calculate either. Scroll through ALL of your Logbook Entries to check the contents and format (use the down arrow to scroll through each row).
  3. Check all of your Dates in your Logbook Entries are all entered correctly. Date's must be in mm/dd/yyyy or dd/mm/yyyy format (which ever your Language Settings reflect). Often users have a period instead of a slash in one place or another. E.g. 5/10.2018 instead of 5/10/2018. Simply entering "1 Jan 2005" is not a recognised format. Scroll through ALL of your Logbook Entries to check the contents and format (use the down arrow to scroll through each row)
  4. Reset the Date format. Highlight the entire Date column, menu: Data -> Text to Columns -> Delimited -> Tab -> Column Data Format Date: DMY (or MDY) -> "Finish"
  5. Check that you have entered the correct "Logbook Hours Since" date at the top of your Dashboard. This must be equal to or before your first logbook entry.
  6. Check all of your times/hours are on the same row as your Aircraft Type (in the Logbook Entries page). Otherwise the Dashboard will not know what those hours relate to.
  7. Check your Locale Settings (this must be set to your Country for the appropriate Date format)

If formulas are missing, copy them from other working cells.

Sometimes when you "Insert a new row" to add an Aircraft Type, the formulas do not automatically populate, as they should.

  1. Select all of the cells (which contain 'good' formulas') above or below your new row.
  2. Click and drag the little Blue Box (in the bottom right hand corner of the cells which you have just selected).
  3. Drag it up or down to your new row.

This process should copy the 'good' working formulas into the blank areas.

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