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Currency or tables not updating
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Occassionally when you Add/Insert new rows into the Logbook Entries page, the hidden formulas which feed the "Flight Hours in Last 365 days" etc table, may not auto-populate.

If you think your currency tables are not updating, this could be why.

How to check and correct the Hidden formulas

1. "Unhide" the hidden columns

Click and Highlight the last Landing Column and the one next to it. In this example, columns AG/AK.

Right click at the top and select "Unhide".

There is 3 hidden columns: FlightHours, DateIFR, DutyDates.

2. Click on a cell in the first column which contains a 'good' working formula.

Then click the Formula/fx bar (where the formula/text is) and press "Enter" (you don't need to change anything).

A new Formula icon "ABC" (with an orange lightning bolt) will now appear next to the cell.

3. Click the Formula icon

Select "Overwrite all cells in this column with this formula"

If that doesn't work, click the same cell (which contains a 'good' working formula), then click the little Blue Square in the bottom right hand corner of that cell and drag it all the way down to the bottom of your Logbook Entries page. This will manually copy the formula into all of those cells.

4. Repeat as necessary for the remaining Hidden Columns

5. Hide the 3 columns again

Highlight the 3 columns, in this example, AH/AI/AJ.

Right click and select "Hide".

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